How To Connect

August 10, 2021

Follow this guide to connect to CrusaderWoW

  1. Register your account at CrusaderWoW
  2. Download our 9.1 Mini Client if you don't have a 9.0.5 client
    1. If you are using our client double click on "Arctium WoW Client Launcher.exe" and wait once it's done World of Warcraft will launch and you and login to our server.
    2. If you are not using our client, please go and change your realmlist
      1. Open your World oF Warcraft 9.0.5
      2. Navigate to _Retial_ > WTF folder
      3. Open with your text editor of choice
      4. change first line which should say SET PORTAL "address"
      5. Change to the following realmlist
        1. SET portal ""
      6. Save the file
    3. After that is complete navigate to your main directly where wow.exe is located and launch the game
    4. Login with the account you created in step 1.

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