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July 23, 2021, 04:24 am

We are opening some spots up for Developers to help improve our server for our Shadowlands realm Azshara. This is a Blizz-Like Realm so we are looking for some developers to make it more so.

C++ Developer is open, if you have skills in C++ and want to help us progress please contact LucianDev on our Discord server. We use our own Source based off TrinityCore.

SQL Developer is open, have what it takes to do SQL fixes within our Database for Azshara such as fixing quests, portal, npc, etc anything that relates to SQL please contact LucianDev on Discord.

Both positions will be tested in their skills of C++/SQL before gaining any kind of access to our source or database. You will run on a trial peroid where all updates will have to go through LucianDev to verify commits before being applied to our live server(s). We do this for the security of our server's Database & Source files to protect what we've already have improved within the game.

Positions are non-paid but a % of sales will be offered to Highly Skilled SQL Developers & C++ Developers.

Please contact LucianDev for any questions or if you wish to apply for a position.


September 15 2021 - 14:08 PM

How can i contact you? i'm interested



September 18 2021 - 03:55 AM

@dek Contact LucianDev or Smokey on Discord

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